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I have been going to Balanced Massage for a couple years now. Every massage therapist I have had here has listened to my needs and addressed them. I highly recommend them to everyone. My favorite LMT is Caroline, she is very skilled and I love her technique.


My massage was amazing! I can move again!


I have been a massage client for many years and this is by far the best place I have ever been.


Had an amazing massage today. . . . Thank you again so much. Can’t wait till next time.


I have been to several massage therapists over the years since my car accident and the ladies here are truly amazing. I very much appreciate Bethany for her keen ability to laser in on the problem areas and skillfully use her many techniques and oils to make a tremendous difference.


I have been having severe headaches for prolonged periods of time. I had been told that massage may help me with my pain and I went in to try out their services. [My massage therapist] took time to talk to me about my issues, and make suggestions not only for my massage treatment, but also for other things in my daily life that might help to release tension and reduce my headaches. …I like deep tissue massages and high pressure. She started out with fairly deep pressure, but was good to always ask and see if I needed it to be lighter or deeper. As I have made more and more appointments with her, she always follows how I am doing, progress that is being made or areas that we may need to change. What I appreciate most about this place is that it is geared towards massage, but it is not too “spa like”. There of course are waterfalls and soothing music, hot towels and massage oils, but their main goal is to make you feel better on a deeper level, not just to provide a relaxing experience for one hour. The entire staff at Balanced massage is friendly, reliable and eager to work with you to help relieve tension, stress, and pain. I love going here and have been a weekly client ever since my first appointment.

D. Wade

I recently had a massage with Bethany and she was amazing! She was constantly aware of the amount of pressure and my comfort. Most of the time she knew which spots were tender before I could even think “Ow”. She was very professional throughout the appointment without being overly clinical/cold. At the end of the appointment she discussed trouble areas and stretches I could do to help reduce the strain.


This business came highly recommended by a physician of mine and I have [been in] four times since June. I find the services offered to be very beneficial and relaxing. . . . It is done in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere and a comforting and relaxing setting. I highly recommend this business as professional with a high quality of expertise.

M. Davis

My highest recommendation, go in feeling like 60-come out feeling like 20!

G. Guthmueller

Impressed with Bethany Pierce! THE Best massage I’ve ever had! Deep Tissue…


I have been getting professional massages for some 30+ years now, 25 years of that in Las Vegas, a city known for its occupational massage because of the inherent entertainment industry. Both [of my therapists were] the most exceptional masseuses I have ever seen. I have barely walked in to Balanced Massage, with my lower back and hips locked up, not being able to even lift my leg to go up one step without assistance from my hands. By the time they are done with me, I am completely mobile and can lift my knee to my chest with no problem! I think the name of the business perfectly suits their talents, and I would highly recommend them for anyone in need of balance!

S. Dowiot

I got the foot scrub and the 90 min together and it was exceptional. I was grieving a death and it was a healing treatment beyond what I was expecting. [My therapist] knew exactly what I was needing and I felt the needed therapy and benefit for days after. I have had a lot of massage and [this] was one of the top I have ever experienced… I would make this a weekly apt. of therapy if I were living in Medford.


I am an active 59 year old woman who loves to walk. I walk my dog, I hike, and every summer I go to China to teach English. All of these activities were becoming increasingly difficult. By the summer of 2007 I could only walk a few steps with out having pain in my left hip. I had a cortisone shot which did not help. I had 3 MRI’s which didn’t find anything. I saw a physical therapist who was not helping. I was then referred to Cara Wirt. She started pinpointing where my muscles were not working. She discovered that my left leg was so turned in, I was using all the wrong muscles to walk. After a lifetime of walking “wrong” the muscles were complaining to the extreme. To make a long story short, Cara has been able to find the areas that desperately needed stretched, the pressure points that needed to be awakened, and given me exercises that I could do between appointments. I am now walking my dog three to four miles, hiking along the Rogue River, and this summer looking forward to teaching in China. Thank you, Cara!

T. Anderson

I want to take this opportunity to tell you both that you are really amazing. Last December my neck hurt so badly that I wanted to cut my head off. I couldn’t move it, and couldn’t sit for more than a minute. I got in to see a therapist at Balanced Massage and she cut the discomfort of 10 out of 10 to a 5 the first visit. I saw her again one or two times more and the decrease in pain was a blessing. . . . you have a special gift and I don’t think you realize how important you are to a person’s well-being.

D. Salamone

In the morning yesterday, I came across my incentive spirometer which measures the volume of air taken into lungs on inspirations. I got it some years ago when I was troubled with cat-allergy asthma. I gave it a go and the best I could do was to hit the 2500 ml mark. I was sure I used to hit 3000 ml or better. After the massage . . . I tried again and hit 3100 ml. Affirmation that your massage truly loosened me up!

J. Duxbury

I just want to thank you for all of your massages. My body is feeling better than ever and I really do appreciate your magic touch. Again thanks, you have opened doors that you will never know for me.


Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did yesterday. I was in such a state of bliss…


I always feel relaxed when I leave. I go in with a lot of pain and feel so much better afterward. I haven’t had any bad experiences and would recommend them to everyone.


My husband bought me a gift certificate last year and I love how professional and friendly everyone is! Cant wait to enjoy it again!


I wanted to let you know how amazing my massage and foot scrub were. Thank you so much and I hope I will see you again soon!


Really enjoyed our session. I slept really sound last night. Thank you for a great massage, you are the best! Can’t wait for the next appointment.


My neck continues to feel much more relaxed even 24 hours later. Thanks for showing me it is possible to get rid of some of the tension and tightness in my neck and have NO noise nearly every time I turn my head to the right.